(Kindly explain about the Packing Instruction for Polymeric Beads.)

In the Additional Packing Requirements under PI 957, it says: “for other than metal packagings a sealed plastic liner must be used”. What does this exactly mean? For instance, if we place the material into a strong plastic bag and tie the closure and place it inside a 4G package, would that satisfy this requirement?  (31 May 13)

The “sealed plastic liner” mentioned in PI 957 must be water tight or air tight. A simple tying the closure of the plastic bag is insufficient.

Please also refer to the definition of LINER in Appendix A where it defines a LINER as “a separate tube or bag inserted into a packaging but not forming an integral part of it, including the closure of its openings.

You need to place the material into a sturdy plastic bag, seal its closure air tight, and place it inside a 4G package.

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