(Please guide us how to explain a non-spillable battery to a boarding passenger.)

When there is a need to explain non-spillable batteries mentioned in DGR to a passenger, please guide us on how to interpret and explain Special Provision A67. (31 May 13)

DGR (a) states: “non-spillable batteries must comply with Special Provision A67 or the vibration and pressure differential tests of Packing Instruction 872”. This is the criteria of a non-spillable battery.

SP A67 starts out with a reference explaining the criteria of moving the batteries as cargo. Thence from the 5th line, it refers to the condition of moving non-spillable batteries.

(1)The battery must not contain any free or unabsorbed liquid,
(2)Any electrical battery or battery powered device, equipment or vehicle having the potential of dangerous evolution of heat must be prepared for transport so as to prevent

 (a)A short circuit (e.g. in the case of batteries, by the effective insulation of exposed terminals, or in the case of equipment, by disconnection of the battery and protection of exposed terminals); and
 (b)Unintentional activation.

Furthermore, in Packing Instruction 872 under Testing, it gives a detailed explanation of the Vibration Test and the Pressure differential test. The batteries must pass these tests to be qualified as non-spillable batteries. Otherwise, they are not non-spillable batteries.

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