(Please explain marking of net quantity on packages.)

Marking of net quantity of packages given in DGR (c) is puzzling. In case of a consignment with two packages, e.g. one containing class 3 item 5L and one containing class 8 item 5L, is it necessary to mark the net quantity on each packages?  (30 Apr 13)

Yes, you need to mark the net quantity of each item on each package because you made two packages. The rule in DGR (c) in simple terms is as follows:

1) Except for UN1845 Dry ice, the net quantity ot gross weight, as applicable, must be shown on packages if there are two or more packages in a shipment;

2) Even if there are two or more packages in a shipment, if the contents of all packages are identically the same, e.g. same UN number, same PSN, same PG, same class/division, same physical/chemical condition, and same quantity, you need not show the quantity on the packages;

3) When you overpack two or more packages into one concealed overpack, you need to show the net quantity or gross weight, as applicable, for each UN number on the overpack. If you make two or more overpacks, you need to number the overpacks for identification.

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