(Is segregation necessary for Radioactive material (RRY) and Edibles such as foodstuffs?)

Is there a need to segregate Radioactive Material (RRY) with Edibles (EAT) such as Meat (PEM), Vegetables (PEP) and Seafood (PES)? The IATA Compatibility Table 9.3.A does not show Class 7. I have heard there are airlines who are practicing segregation. Please advise. (30 Apr 13)

Even though loaded in proximity, since there is minimal threat of permanent radioactive contamination, ICAO and IAEA do not oblige segregation. Some airlines do practice segregation however since the radiation coming out from the package is within allowable low value, there is no need for segregation. Maximum radiation permitted at any external surface of the package is confined to be no more than 2mSv/h for a scheduled flight.

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