(Please advise whether Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment (DGR may be accepted as carry-on baggage.)

Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment (DGR which are defined to be instruments containing radioactive material not exceeding the activity limits specified in Table 10.3.D and when they are securely packed and without lithium batteries, when carried by staff members of the UN Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on official travel, they can be accepted either as checked-in baggage of carry-on baggage. Whereras, State Variation JPG-10 stipulates that excepted radioactive material must not be carried in the cabin or cockpit of an aircraft. However DGR only makes reference to Operator Variation 9W-04 and does not make reference to JPG-10. Since DGR makes no reference to JPG-10, may we interpret this as carriage is permissible for both checked and carry-on baggage? Please advise why is JPG-10 not referenced to? Should we deny carriage as carry-on baggage? How about domestic carriage? (30 Apr 13)

Reference entries of State and/or Operator Variations at the head of Sections, Paragraphs and also with each Packing Instructions are not a service done by ICAO or IATA. Entries are only done when the respective governments or airlines make a request for insertion and/or deletion to ICAO and/or IATA as applicable. State Variations and Operator Variations are independent provisions that apply to any part of the DGR regardless of whether the variation number is referred to or not.

The Japanese Government State Variation applies to all cargo and baggage to/from or through Japan, therefore, Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment must be carried as checked-in baggage only. Since the Japanese State Variation is taken from the Aviation Code of Japan, the rule is applicable to domestic flights as well.

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