(May we ship Lithium metal cells/batteries of less than 0.3g lithium contents as totally deregulated with no extra requirements?)

When shipping lithium metal cells/batteries using PI 968, if the lithium contents is less than 0.3g, may we ship them as non-dangerous and require no special attention? Where is it so written? (31 Mar 13)

No, there are certain rules that you need to follow.

First of all, there is no lower limit for lithium cells/batteries. As clearly stated in the second column of Table 968-II of PI 968, for cells/batteries of less than 0.3g lithium content, although there is no piece count limit, you must show the additional required entries on the AWB, affix the lithium battery handling label on the packages, and you must satisfy all the requirements spelled out in the General Requirement and also of Section II, and limit the net weight to 2.5kg per package.

For additional information, in case of lithium ion cells/batteries, the cell/battery must be less than 2.7Wh, follow Table 965-II of PI 965, and follow all the conditions of the General Requirement and of Section II.

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