(Is segregation necessary for dangerous goods in passenger baggage and dangerous goods loaded as cargo?)

When loading passenger checked baggage containing dangerous goods, is it necessary to consider segregation with dangerous goods being loaded as cargo? Is there any precautions that are necessary to consider? How should we make the NOTOC? (28 Feb 13)

Needless to mention, any package whether it is passenger baggage or cargo, segregation is mandatory if they contain dangerous goods.

Company stores and company cargo are also of no exception. Segregation is not confined to dangerous goods. When loading live animals, you must not load natural enemies together. When loading SPF animals for laboratories, you must not load them together with domestic pets. SPF animals will become useless for the laboratories.

Passenger baggage is not needed to be shown on the NOTOC. However, there could be airlines making it their own rule to have a separate NOTOC for passenger baggage. Such procedure is up to individual airlines.

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