(Can APIO be packed in an overpack? How should the overpack be marked?)

Let’s say we have 3 APIOs and we want to put the 3 APIOs into an overpack. Is this permitted? Can we make multiple overpacks? How should we mark the overpacks? (31 Jan 13)

Yes, you can place single or multiple APIOs into a single or multiple overpack as long as the contents do not react dangerously with each other or need not be segregated per Table 9.3.A. If the overpack is a closed type that you cannot see nor access the packages inside, in addition to the word “OVERPACK”, you need to show UN number, PSN and the net quantity against each UN number. All labels need to be reproduced on the outside of the overpack. This is to enable the airline to identify what is inside the overpack without referring to the Declaration.

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