(Is it permissible to pack 8 cells and 2 batteries as specified in PI 968 Section II into one outer package?)

Using PI 968 Section II, is it okay to pack 8 cells of each exceeding 0.3g but not exceeding 1g, and 2 batteries of each exceeding 0.3g but not exceeding 2g in one outer packaging? Even if they cannot be packed together in one outer packaging, can they be overpacked in one overpack? Furthermore, can other dangerous goods or non-dangerous goods be contained in the same overpack? (31 Jan 13)

As stated in Table 968-II of PI 968, Columns 2, 3 and 4 must not be mixed. The maximum limits are independent with each column and they cannot be combined. Each column must be separately packed in different outer packagngs. You may overpack such outer packagings in one overpack as permitted in Section II Overpack. Furthermore, as long as they do not react dangerously with each other, other dangerous goods and/or non-dangerous goods may be included in the same overpack.

However, packages of Section I, Section IA, Section IB must not be in the same overpack since the handling procedures for these shipments differ. The foregoing explanation also applies to shipments under Table 965-II of Section II for lithium-ion batteries.

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