(The ERG code for UN 3480, UN 3481, UN 3090, UN 3091 have changed from 9F to 9FZ. What does 9FZ stand for?)

In the 53rd Edition DGR, the ERG code for lithium batteries was 9F, but with the new 54th Edition, the code has been changed to 9FZ. I understand that the 9 stands for Class 9 and the letter F means Flammable, but the letter Z is new to me. What does it mean? (31 Jan 13)

The Dangerous Goods Panel at ICAO recognized the high flammability and high temperature caused by lithium fires against which the aircraft fire suppression system may not extinguish or combat the fire. Water, if available, would be the best firefighting tool. Consequently, the ICAO DGP installed the new Z code which became effective from January 1, 2013. The Z code means, use water if available, and consider landing immediately.

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