(We have a question on CAPACITOR.)

When the capacity of an Electric Double Layer CAPACITOR is less than 0.3Wh, it will not come under the DG Regulation. The AWB for such CAPACITORS must show “CAPACITOR. NOT RESTRICTED”. In the case of a consolidation, where should these words be entered? (31 Dec 12)

Since CAPACITORS of less than 0.3Wh are not regulated, the true shipper must enter the words “CAPACITOR, NOT RESTRICTED” on the HAWB. The consolidator will copy this information in the Remarks column of the House Manifest.

If the CAPACITOR falls under Class 9, the consolidation needs to be a “back to back” or “ONE MASTER ONE HOUSE” concept. The true shipper will enter all the information on the HAWB which the consolidator will duplicate on the MAWB. If the CAPACITOR moves under Special Provision A186 where no declaration is issued, the consolidation must be a “back to back” or “ONE MASTER ONE HOUSE” concept. The true shipper will show “Capacitor in compliance with SP A186” on the HAWB which will be duplicated by the consolidator on the MAWB. Otherwise the required information will not travel to the carrier.

In addition, CAPACITORS are known to the public as CONDENSOR. There are numerous type of CONDENSORS and they are not regulated. A great number are being exported, therefore, it is advisable to show on the AWB “CONDENSOR, NOT RESTRICTED” to avoid unwanted problems which may cause delays to the shipment..

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