(Please clarify the 25kg limit in USG-13 versus the Class C cargo compartment exemption of DGR 9.3.4 (b).)

State Variation USG-13 states if the dangerous goods are loaded in an accessible cargo compartment, the 25kg limit will not apply. DGR 9.3.4 in subparagraph (b) says if the cargo compartment is a Class C cargo compartment, there is no limit to CAO packages. Does this mean if the lower deck cargo compartment of a freighter aircraft is classified as a Class C cargo compartment, the 25kg limit will not apply?  (31 Oct 12)

Yes, your interpretation is correct. U.S. 49CFR 175.75 gives the rule for loading. In 49CFR 175.75 (d) (1) (i), it says: “A package is considered accessible when transported in a cargo compartment if it is certified by FAA as a Class C aircraft cargo compartment as defined in 14CFR 25.857 (c ).

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