(If individual chemical substances contained in a First Aid Kit are limited to the Excepted Quantity maximum, by applying SP A163, may the First Aid Kit itself be shipped as Excepted Quantity shipment?)

UN 3316 First Aid Kit is classified as E0 and therefore cannot be shipped as Excepted Quantity. However, for example, if UN 1170 Ethanol is limited to 30mL and placed inside the First Aid Kit, may we ship the kit itself as Excepted Quantity by applying SP A163? (31 Oct 12)

UN 3316 has an E0 code, and therefore is not permitted as Excepted Quantity. Substances which may be included in UN 3316 are those that are permitted to be shipped as Excepted Quantity and/or Limited Quantity. UN 1170 Ethanol whether PG II or PG III is permitted for EQ and LTD QTY, therefore it can be placed inside UN 3316 First Aid Kit.

The exception with SP A163 allows the shipment to be handled as DGR 2.6 Excepted Quantity provided all the substances inside the kit is limited to the quantity permitted for EQ. Therefore, if all other substances beside Ethanol are limited to EQ quantity, the First Aid Kit can be shipped as EQ.

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