(This is a question on ID 8000 Consumer Commodity.)

5 boxes of ID 8000 Consumer Commodity have been tendered for carriage. The quantity column of the DGD mentioned “Average gross weight per package 12kg G”. I am unable to check whether each package is within the 30kg G limit. Isn’t this DGD in error? (30 Sep 12)

When a shipper produces a DGD made for ID 8000 Consumer Commodity, he/she is Dec aring that he/she has followed all the requirements including the clauses of PI Y963. Dangerous goods shipments are only workable upon mutual trust. Per PI Y963, it says in subparagraph (L) that for multiple packages, the quantity May be Dec ared with an average weight. I would suggest you would trust the shipper. In case you cannot trust the shipper, thence do not accept the shipment.

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