(Even for a shipment of radioactive material in excepted quantities, if the package weighs more than 50kg gross, the package must be indicated with a permissible gross weight. Does the 50kg apply to the entire shipment or for a single package?)

Does this requirement of indicating the Permissible Gross Weight apply when the total packages of a shipment exceed 50 kg in total, or does it apply to individual packages exceeding 50kg in weight? What about if there are 2 packages and the total weight of the 2 packages exceeds 50kg? (30 Sep 12)

It is common for packages of Class 7 Radioactive material to weigh more than its appearance because the packages often have thick lead walls installed inside to Dec ease radiation from the package. If one package exceeds 50kg in weight, from a safety standpoint and also to warn the workers, a Permissible Gross Weight indication is made necessary to be Mar ed on the surface of the package, such like: Permissible Gross Weight 75kg. This does not apply when the weight of 2 packages exceed 50kg. If a single package exceeds 50kg, the Permissible Gross Weight indication is mandatory.

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