(Is an Alcohol Thermometer using Kerosene a dangerous goods?)

Kindly clarify whether an Alcohol Thermometer using Kerosene a dangerous goods? The quantity of kerosene is about 2cc to 3cc. If it should be classified as dangerous goods, is it appropriate to assign ID 8000? (31 Aug 12)

Without checking the MSDS, it is improper to make a determination, however judging from the information provided, the quantity cannot be disregarded as a “trace”, and the product would have to be considered as dangerous goods containing flammable liquid PG III (UN 1223 Kerosene) as an integral element.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to assign it to ID 8000. It would be proper to assign this Alcohol Thermometer to UN 3363 Dangerous goods in apparatus Class 9 PI 962、To confirm this conclusion, it is mandatory to double check the MSDS.

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