(Please advise us how to transport company owned laptop computers?)

When transporting airline owned laptop computers, when the computer is equipped with lithium ion batteries, it will be regarded as dangerous goods. Is there a way to ship such company owned computers? The transport is from station to station, and no individual person will be involved in the carriage.  (31 Aug 12)

Since there was no indication on the desired manner of transport, explanation will be made on how to have the computer carried by a crew member and how to transport the computer as company cargo.

First, if you would have one of your duty crew member hand carry the computer, computers are permitted as carry on baggage provided the lithium ion battery is no larger than 100Wh. The crew member will have to clear outbound customs as his personal belongings. Airline approval is not necessary. It does not have to be reported on the NOTOC. Arriving at the destination station, the crew member will need to clear customs as his personal baggage.

If it is to be shipped as company cargo, if the lithium ion battery is already installed in the computer, you will use Packing Instruction PI 967. If the battery is packed together with the computer, Packing Instruction PI 966 is to be followed. Company cargo documentation should be made, and loaded onto the aircraft as cargo. If the lithium ion battery exceeds 100Wh, it will have to be Dec ared as Section I Class 9 dangerous goods, and if the lithium ion battery is less than 100Wh, it can be shipped as exempted under Section II conditions. Arriving at the destination station, the company cargo must be cleared through customs as cargo.

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