(Please clarify interpretation of DGR

DGR states that “Other than Class 7, a packaging which previously contained dangerous goods must be Mar ed as required for those dangerous goods unless steps such as cleaning, purging of vapours or refilling with non-dangerous goods are taken to nullify any hazard.” When sealants packed in inner packagings and contained in a 4G outer packaging is received and the sealants are removed from the box, the resultant 4G packaging is empty and not dangerous at all. May we remove all labels and Mar ings and ship this empty 4G as non dangerous?  (31 Aug 12)

After you remove the sealants from the package, the 4G box is no longer dangerous. Unless the inner packagings have been damaged and the sealant had contaminated either the inner packagings and/or the outer packaging, the empty box remains not contaminated and therefore not dangerous.

You can ship the empty 4G as non dangerous. You will remove all the Mar ings and labels. DGR refers to single packagings that have been in direct contact with the dangerous substance and/or inner and outer packagings of a combination packaging which had been contaminated by direct contact with the dangerous substance.

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