(Please confirm US State Variation Table USG-13.C.)

If we have a Class 3 PG II placed inside a cool container (RKN) with CAO volume per package, is it forbidden to load in the lower Dec of the aircraft when exporting from USA? If the RKN is placed on a pallet and boarded on the main Dec , is it okay? (31 Aug 12)

For CAO packages on a CAO aircraft, if the packages are accessible, there is NO LIMIT. Even if the packages are in a ULD but the individual packages are still accessible, there is NO LIMIT.
According to State Variation USG-13, even if packages are not accessible, you May load:

a)Ckass 3 PG III with no subrisk,
b)Class 6 without Class 3 subrisk, and
c)Class 7 with no subrisk

You were asking about Class 3 PG II, the answer is NO. Class 3 PG II must be accessible.

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