(Is it possible to load several APIO packages in the same overpack?)

Please advise whether it is possible to load several APIO (all packed in one) packages in the same overpack? Take a scenario of 4 different APIOs loaded on 1 skid to make 1 overpack? Is this in orfer? (31 Jul 12)

Yes, it is possible. As long as each and every substances involved, both for their pr Mar and subsidiary hazards, do not react dangerously with each other (refer DGR (a)) and do not require segregation (refer DGR (b)), you can put any substances together. Remember, however, that (a) and (b) are two different issues.

DGR (a) refers to chemical reaction when and if the substances should get in contact with each other. A good example will be strong acids and strong alkali. Both belong to Class 8 and according to Table 9.3.A, there is no need to segregate Class 8 from other Class 8 substances, however with strong acids and strong alkali substances, segregation is mandatory.

Table 9.3.A indicates that Class 8 and Div. 4.3 must be segregated. This is not because Class 8 substances and Div. 4.3 substances will react dangerously when they come in contact with each other, but the true reason for segregation is that, unlike most other dangerous substances, those in Class 8 have the ability to degrade the packaging materials of nearby packages should there be a leak of the Class 8 substances. If this was to happen to a package containing Division 4.3 substance then the 4.3 will be exposed to atmosphere which May result in the generation of a flammable gas. In addition, when 4.3 is exposed, firefighters would not be able to apply water. Hence this segregation requirement on Table 9.3.A is not because of potential danger due contact.

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