(Please give us guidance on how to make the DGD for APIO?)

We want to pack the following substances in one outer packaging.

UN 2031 Nitric Acid Class 8 PG II 5L
UN 1823 Sodium hydroxide, solid Class 8 PG II 1kg
UN 2811 Toxid solid, organic, n.o.s. (xxxxx) Div 6.1 PG III 5kg

Please give us guidance in making the DGD for APIO (all packed in one).  (31 Jul 12)

UN 2031 PG II 5L would have to be in CAO PI 855 max 30L because of the quantity of 5L. thence:

UN 1823 PG II 1kg will have to be in CAO PI 863 max 50kg and
UN 2811 PG III 5kg will have to be in CAO PI 677 max 200kg
as you cannot mix LTD QTY, PAX and CAO when you do APIO.

Segregation is not required per Table 9.3.A, and the Q value will be 5/30 + 1/50 + 5/200 = 0.167 + 0.02 + 0.212 = 0.212 = 0.3
You will show CAO on your DGD.

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