(We are going to use vermiculite as absorbent material. How should we do the packing?)

To pack dangerous goods in liquid form, we are going to use vermiculite as absorbent material. When placing vermiculite in the package, instead of putting vermiculite directly into the outer packaging, we intend to place the inner packaging and vermiculite together in a plastic bag. After securely sealing the plastic bag, we will place the plastic bag into the outer packaging. Please advise whether this method is proper. Please also advise whether vermiculite will dangerously react with some dangerous substance or other packaging material. Please also advise us how much vermiculite should we use?  (31 Jul 12)

Vermiculite will not react dangerously with any substance or any packaging material. Place the inner packaging together with a volume of vermiculite in a plastic bag. After sealing the plastic bag, place it in the outer packaging. This method is better than placing vermiculite around the plastic bag containing the inner packaging. According to U.S. Air Force regulation 71-4, the volume of vermiculite required to absorb 1 litre of liquid substance, you will need a 50.8mm (2 in) bed of vermiculite under the inner packaging, build a 25.4mm (1 in) wall around the inner packaging, and place 50.8mm (2 in) layer of vermiculite on the top of the inner packaging. This volume is needed to absorb 1 litre of liquid substance.

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