(1A2 steel drum without the letter S has been used for a shipment of solids. Should we reject acceptance?)

UN 3175 Solids containing flammable liquid n.o.s. (Mineral spirit mixture) has been tendered for carriage. DGD was in kg and a 1A2 UN specification packaging with the Mar ing of UN 1A2/Y/100 … was used.

There was no letter S in the specification packaging Mar ing. We are thinking of asking the shipper to submit the test certificate of the permissible gross weight of this drum. Any advice? (30 Jun 12)

UN 3175 is a solid. Solids cannot be contained in a packaging without the letter S. This 1A2 UN specification packaging is not suitable for this carriage. It is meaningless to secure a weight test certificate as the packaging without the letter S is already not suitable for this shipment of solid dangerous goods.

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