(Re DGR, is the telephone number insertion mandatory on the NOTOC?)

Q. refers to a telephone number to be shown on the NOTOC to tell where a copy of the NOTOC can be found. Is this a mandatory entry? Can the telephone number be on some other document carried in the cockpit? (30 Jun 12)

A ground telephone number where you can find a copy of the NOTOC should be on the NOTOC form since dangerous goods information must all be contained in one single document which is the NOTOC. The telephone number should not be on other forms or at other places.

One single document is sufficient to look for in an emergency. The entry of the telephone number is not mandatory. It is up to the individual airline. Where there are many dangerous goods on board such as with a freighter aircraft, it is more efficient, convenient and time saving if the phone number is shown on the NOTOC.

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