(Effective 1 Jul 2012, the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations 12th Edition mandates that the Time & Temperature Sensitive Label must be affixed on all shipments requiring temperature control. What about dangerous goods?)

According to IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations 12th Edition, effective 1 Jul 2012, all healthcare shipments requiring constant temperature control must show the Time & Temperature Sensitive Label (please refer to the accompanying label specimen) .

The allowable temperature zone must be indicated on the lower half of the label. What about dangerous goods shipments using dry ice or liquid nitrogen as coolant, shipments of UN 2814, UN 2900, UN 3373, and shipments of blood for transfusion or shipments of human organs for transplanting? Will these be included in the healthcare definition? Will there be a need to put the T&T label?

 (15 Jun 12)

Time & Temperature Sensitive Label is mandatory effective Jul 1, and the major purpose is to identify healthcare shipments that require the shipment to be kept within an approved range of temperature throughout the entire duration of the trip whether in flight or on the ground.

Shipments that require temperature control does not necessarily come only from the healthcare industry but from food and beverage circles as well as from flower and plants sector.

If a shipment would be subjected to temperature control throughout the entire duration of the trip, the shipper will have coordinated with the airline at time of reservations, and upon agreement, the shipper would have entered the desired temperature range on the AWB and also Mar ed the temperature range on the lower half of the T&T label as shown on the illustration as +15°C∼25°C.

If the temperature range entered on the AWB and indicated on the label differ, the temperature written on the AWB will prevail. Temperature will always be shown in Celsius.

There is no need to show the T&T labels on DG shipments. Mar ings and labels as indicated in the Dangerous Goods Regulations apply to DG shipments. Shipments containing dry ice or liquid nitrogen, UN 2814, UN 2900, UN 3373 do not require the T&T label.

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