(Effective 2013, we have heard that there will be a change to the Lithium Battery rules. Will there be another set of 3-letter codes introduced?)

Hitherto we used RLI and RLM when shipping regulated lithium batteries as Class 9 under Section I. We used codes ELI and ELM when shipping not-restricted lithium batteries under Section II. Effective 2013, we heard that an intermediate Section IB will be installed between Section I and Section II covering small capacity lithium batteries to be shown on the NOTOC so the captain will be aware of what he is carrying as cargo. Will there be another set of 3-letter Cargo IMP codes to address these intermediate categories? (31 May 12)

Section I will continue to be RLI and RLM. Since there were too many small category lithium batteries being shipped as Section II without the knowledge of the captain, an intermediate Section IB is introduced to these batteries which will require to be entered on the NOTOC. These will be under RLI and RLM. The term ?gNot Restricted?h will be changed to ?gin compliance with PI 965 Section IB?h. The codes ELI and ELM will be confined to Section II only. Kindly refer to the Topics page on changes in Year 2013 to Lithium cells/batteries rules

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