(How can an airline get permission to equip an AED powered by lithium ion batteries on the aircraft as in-flight equipment?)

A Japanese airline wants to equip their aircraft with AED powered by lithium ion batteries. DGR Battery-Powered Equipment states the batteries must conform to DGR, i.e., no more than 100Wh. Per DGR, as passenger baggage, AEDs are permitted up to 160Wh. The May 2012 Addendum to DGR 53rd Edition spells out a 300Wh lithium ion battery in DGR How can this airline equip their aircraft with a high watt-hour rated AED as in-flight equipment? Should the airline apply to Japan CAB to allow an AED as Aircraft Equipment as defined in DGR (31 May 12)

DGR Battery-Powered Equipment is really only aimed at things such as credit card readers, portable CD/DVD players and the like. AEDs are really part of the aircraft safety equipment and would be better addressed by Aircraft Equipment. On that basis, provided that the Japan CAB approves the installation and carriage of these on the aircraft then there really is no Wh limit.

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