(An equipment with lithium ion battery is found to be defective and need to be airlifted for repair. The battery is not damaged and not the cause of the defect. Can we ship it by air?)

A shipper wants to send an equipment for repair by air . The equipment contains lithium ion batteries (UN 3481). According to the shipper, the battery is not defective but cannot be removed. May this equipment accepted for air transport?  (30 Apr 12)

I will not accept the shipment unless the batteries are removed. It is hard to believe that there is such an equipment where you cannot remove the battery. Perhaps, the battery cannot be removed because it May be providing power to some auxiliary function in the equipment like a time piece. I cannot believe there would be an equipment where you cannot physically remove the battery. After all, the battery had been installed in the equipment. Thence, why can't it be uninstalled? I do not want to take a chance. I would take the shipment if the battery is removed.

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