(Even though the PSN has a STAR symbol, the shipper is ignoring to add the technical name or chemical name in parenthesis stating that it is a trade secret.)

Q. One of our client, a shipper is ignoring the STAR symbol and wishes to ship his product without showing the technical/chemical name in parenthesis following the PSN stating that it is a trade secret and do not wish to expose the name. He is suggesting to use a vague n.o.s. name as substitute. What should we do? (31 Jan 12)

A. DG rules state that if there is a STAR SYMBOL, it is mandatory to add a technical name or a chemical name in parenthesis behind the PSN. Trade secrets are no excuse to evade from this rule. There are only four exceptions which are::

(1) Controlled substances such like drugs, exposure of which are prohibited by international convention of national law;
(2) For explosives, military name or commercial name May be used instead;
(3) For pesticides, a name acknowledged by WHO May be used instead;
(4) For samples sent for further testing, the word SAMPLE must be shown.

Safety is the pr Mar aim, and cargo agents, freight forwarders and airlines who compose the transport chain must abide with the rules. Cargo from shippers who do not follow regulations should not be accepted.

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