(A Note has been added to DGR saying gases less than 50mL can be sent as Not Restricted. Is this correct?)

A Note has been added to DGR Non-flammable Gas Cylinders fitted into a Life Jacket where it says: ?gSmall gas cartridges with a capacity not exceeding 50mL for the purpose of transporting non-dangerous goods at low temperature will not be subject to these Regulations?h. Does this mean gases less than 50mL are considered Not Restricted? Are there other stipulations for the cylinder? (31 Jan 12)

The correct wording of the new Note which had been added to DGR by the 53rd Edition reads: ?gSmall gas cartridges containing gas with a capacity not exceeding 50mL, containing no constituents subject to these Regulations other than a Division 2.2 gas, are not subject to these Regulations. See SP A98.?h It specifies that the capacity of the small gas cartridge is to be less than 50mL. The Note only refers to gases of Division 2.2 Non-flammable non-toxic gases. The quantity of gas itself would naturally not exceed the capacity of the gas cartridge. No where in the Note does it refer to ?gNon-dangerous goods transported under low temperature?h. Wonder where did you find such reference?

Furthermore, SP A98 adds additional condition that the ?grelease of the gas must not cause extreme annoyance or discomfort to crew members preventing the correct performance of duties.?h

This Note has been added to address increasing young generation cyclist passengers who May have bicycle tire inflation kits which use these small cylinders and that these May be carried in baggage.

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