(Please explain Packing Instruction 966 for Lithium ion Battery ?gpacked with?h equipment.)

PI 966 is used for lithium battery ?gpacked with?h equipment. Additional requirements of Section I provides 2 choices for the packing of lithium ion battery. One choice is to pack the battery in a package meeting PG II performance standards. The other choice is to pack both the battery and equipment in a packaging that meets PG II performance standards. If only the battery is packed in PG II performance standard packaging, how about the equipment? Are the packaging and equipment required to be bound together? If not needed, how can we say it is ?gpacked with equipment?h ? (31 Jul 11)

When lithium battery is ?gpacked with?h equipment, the dangerous goods is the Lithium Battery, and the ?gequipment without the battery?h is not dangerous.

Imagine an OVERPACK. The dangerous ?gLithium Battery?h is packed in one UN specification packaging. Now you pack the non-dangerous ?gequipment?h in a Sep rate ordinary outer packaging. You put the two packages into one OVERPACK. This is the concept of PI 966.

Therefore you have 2 choices. First choice is to pack the Lithium Battery in a PG II certified UN specification package. You pack the ?gequipment?h in one ordinary package. You put the two together in one bigger outer packaging which serves as an OVERPACK.

The second choice is to pack the lithium battery in one inner package. You pack the equipment in another inner package. You then pack the two inner packages into one UN certified PG II outer packaging.

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