(What are the Heat Producing Articles mentioned in DGR

We are given to understand that Heat Producing Articles described in DGR are those such as underwater lamps and soldering irons which May be carried as baggage provided we have the approval of the airline. We understand that these items are capable to start a fire due to its high temperature when activated. How high is the temperature? There is a provision for Elevated Temperature Substances in DGR where it says solids transported at more than 240??. Can we use this temperature as a guideline? (30 Nov 11)

Items referred to in DGR are such like underwater high-intensity lamps or soldering irons which when activated is likely to become cause of a fire by igniting adjacent combustible objects. The temperature differs with each equipment. The elevated temperature substance dealt in DGR are such items as tar and are totally foreign from the heat producing articles of DGR The temperature of 240?? cannot be used as guideline for DGR

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