(A 24-hour emergency telephone entry is mandatory for shipments to the United States. Please tell us the latest on this regulation.)

For shipments to the United States, I had been told that the Dec aration for Dangerous Goods must carry an Emergency Contact with International Access Code 011, Country Code, Area Code and the Phone number. An airline rejected my shipment because I showed the International Access Code 011. What should I do? (31 Oct 11)

Until the 51st Edition, State Variation USG-12 under the paragraph titled Language, there was a Note saying, it is necessary to place the standard international dialing code within the United States (011) in front of the Country Code and phone number.

The 52nd Edition removed this Note, and stated under the paragraph titled Telephone number that the ?gDGD must include an emergency response phone number (including area code and for international numbers for locations outside the US, country and city codes needed to complete the call from within the US?h. In case of a Japanese phone number, you only need to show Country Code, Area Code and Phone Number, i.e., Emergency Contact: +81 3 1234 5678. It is no longer required to place 011 in front of the Country Code.

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