(What is the definition of active substance mentioned in DGR

DGR talks about One Active Substance. It says: If a mixture contains one active substance, and the LD50 of that constituent is known, in the absence of reliable acute oral and dermal toxicity data on the actual mixture to be transported, the oral or dermal LD50 May be obtained by the following method. The DGR then shows an equation. What does ?gactive substance?h mean? (30 Sep 11)

?gActive?h means as it reads. The toxic substance is ?gactive?h. In contrast, if the toxic substance is phlegmatized or neutralized or, in simple terms, inactivated, it loses the toxic values. DGR is one of the formula to ascertain toxicity of a mixture. If a mixture contains one active toxic substance and the LD50 is known, you apply the formula shown at the end of the paragraph.

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