(What steps must we follow when the Organic Peroxide intended for shipment is not listed in Appendix C.2?)

Appendix C.2 carries Organic Peroxides and directs to the UN number under which it May be transported by air. If the Organic Peroxide that is intended for air transport is not shown on Appendix C.2, what steps must we follow to air ship this substance? (30 Sep 11)

Organic Peroxide not listed in Appendix C.2 must be individually authorized per procedure outlined in DGR This is standard procedure and no matter whether the shipper likes it or not, organic peroxide not yet listed in Appendix C.2 are not authorized for air transportation. The shipper must apply for authorization following of the UN Recommendation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The details of the required test is shown in UN Manual of Test and Criteria, Part II.

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