(Is it not necessary to segregate Div. 6.2 with other dangerous goods for instance with Div 4.1?)

Based on Table 9.3.A, it is not necessary to segregate Div. 4.1, Classes 6, 7 and 9 from other classes/divisions of dangerous goods. What about segregation amongst these classes and divisions mentioned? Also, can I put Div. 6.2 and Class 3 next to each other? (30 Sep 11)

Table 9.3.A does not include Div. 4.1, Classes 6, 7 and 9. There is no need to segregate these from other dangerous goods listed on Table 9.3.A. There is also no need to segregate them from each other. A package of Div. 6.2 can be loaded next to a package of Class 3 or with a package of Div. 4.1 or with any other package.

The only limitation is when you do ?gall packed in one?h. DGR (c) states Div. 6.2 May be packed with material for refrigeration or absorbent material as provided in PI 650. Further PI 650 says other dangerous goods must not be packed in the same package with Div. 6.2 unless they are necessary for maintaining the viability, stabilizing or preventing degradation or neutralizing the hazard of the infectious substance. A quantity of 30mL or less of Classes 3, 8 or 9 May be packed in each pr Mar receptacle containing infectious substances.

There is no segregation requirement for Div. 6.2 in a Sep rate package. The limitation is only for ?gall packed in one?h.

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