(Can an overpack contain packages for PAX aircraft and CAO aircraft?)

Let?fs say we have two packages packed for PAX, one package contains Class 3 and the other contains Class 8. We also have one CAO package containing Class 3 (6.1) PG III. Can we put these three packages into one concealed overpack? All the packages are properly prepared in full compliance with the DGD.  (30 Sep 11)

If all the three packages, two PAX and one CAO, are prepared in strict compliance with the Regulations, these three can be in one concealed overpack. All three packages need no segregation per Table 9.3.A. The two PAX packages satisfy DGR, and the one CAO package is acceptable per DGR (c). The overpack must however be labeled with the CAO label and must be forwarded on CAO.

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