(On Table 10.3.A, in the Radionuclide column, there are entries like Ag-108m where there is a letter ?gm?h shown behind the Radionuclide code. What does this letter ?gm?h mean?)

Where a small letter ?ga?h is shown on the left shoulder of the Radionuclide Code shown in the first column of Table 10.3.A, you can find the definition at the end of Table 10.3.A that it means the parent radionuclide include contributions from Aug ter radionuclides. What does the letter ?gm?h shown behind the Radionuclide Code such as with Ag-108m, Ag-110m and Am-241m mean? Also what is the difference between Ba-133 and Ba-133m where the letter ?gm?h appears behind the same Radionuclide Code? (31 Aug 11)

The letter ?gm?h behind the Code means ?gmeta-stable?h. ?gMeta-stable?h means the substance is not fully stable, in other words, a somewhat stable intermediate state.

Ba-133 is an altogether unstable substance, and Ba-133m is relatively more stable than BA-133 but still considered as an intermediate unstable radionuclide. The letter ?gm?h behind the radionuclide code must be entered on the DGD, whereas the small letter ?ga?h shown on the left shoulder of the radionuclide code is not necessary to be duplicated on the DGD.

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